Return to a cozy fire and your own home at the end of a fabulous day snowmobiling in big snow country.  There are trails in this area, but you are really here for the free riding.  Our view lots are deal for the snowmobiler that wants it all, winter and summer but does not want to break the bank.  


Trout Lake (20 Minutes from Galena Shores)

Hang on to your helmet.  Trout Lake, BC is constantly reviewed as the best, least busy, most wide open powder bowls in all of North America accessible off of a paved highway for free riding.  Ride trails to old ghost towns, abondoned mines and enjoy the stunning scenery.  Just you, 50' of snow, your sled and your buddies.  Have you ever seen people shovelling snow off their roofs so their chimneys will breathe?  You will in Trout Lake, BC!  Most people ride the Silvercup Ridge Trail.  For great pictures of a sledders dream trip go to Snowmobile Fanatics.

Trout Lake BC Snowmobiling  Trout Lake, BC Snowmobiling  Don't Try This At Home!       

Revelstoke Area (30 Minutes from Galena Shores)

Snowmobiling in Revelstoke, BC is all about riding the fabulous deep powder snow. Snowmobile Magazines said ‘The best back-country snowmobiling in North America’.  Take on the 'steep 'n' deep' in the powder Revelstoke is so well known for.

  Revelstoke, BC Snowmobiling  Revelstoke, BC Snowmobiling  Revelstoke, BC Snowmobiling

Valemount, BC

Valemount is a great place to snowmobile.  However, it is much busier than Revelstoke and compared to Trout Lake it is a city!

Valemount, BC Snowmobiling  Valemount, BC Snowmobiling  Valemount, BC Snowmobiling

Where ever you go in BC for snowmobiling it will be GREAT!  However, if you want a winter summer holiday combination, it is extremely difficult to beat Galena Shores and its kilometer of flat wallk on waterfront.