Arrow Lakes are home to tranquil valleys that are remote and sparsely populated. This was not always the case. In the late 1800s prospectors flocked here from all over North America in search of rich mining claims. The mining legacy is evident all over the region in charming small towns and villages that are built in the valleys of the Selkirk mountain range.


Galena Bay has temperate weather with a long spring, followed by a warm and consistent summer, with an autumn running right into the ski season. To give you a comparable, Vernon, BC and Galena Bay have the same number of frost free days! For current weather from:

  • Nakusp (57 kilometers South of Galena Shores)
  • Revelstoke (50 kilometers North of Galena Shores)


Overall the average temperature at Galena Bay will be 2°C cooler than Kelowna. In July, August, and September it will be sunny 60% of the time in Galena Bay and sunny 70% of the time in Kelowna


The water in Arrow Lakes comes from the Columbia River System. You have probably heard that the water is cold.  Yes it is cold except for where the water is shallow and there is little current.  Which is exactly the case in swimmable Galena Bay.  The water is only 110' (33 meters) deep and very still.  On hot summer days it is common for the water to be 75-80F and in some parts of the bay 84F.  The water is also exceptionally clear in Upper Arrow Lake. It reminds people of Canadian Shield water. This is because the water is decanted by two dams before it gets to the Arrow Lakes: the Revelstoke Dam and the Mica Dam. Crystal clear, clean, warm, mirror smooth water. What could be better!


Natural Sandy Beach

On the North end of Galena Bay is a wonderful sandy beach that Penticton or Kelowna would be proud to have. 

The beach at Galena Shores is rocky with sandy bands. If you go to lakes like Shuswap you will see similar waterfront that is now quite sandy. The effects of human habitation are that people encourage sand and discourage the rocks.  We expect the same will happen at Galena Shores.

Other Features

  • High speed internet
  • Gravel roads
  • Power, water, septic, telephone
  • ~ 1 kilometer of waterfront (3,061’ to be exact)
  • A well water utility complete with reservoir and treatment facility provides water to Galena Shores residents.
  • Extensive landscaping
  • Central waterfront park
  • Detailed lot design including set backs, do not disturb areas, shared driveways to minimize costs, and building envelopes optimized for best views


Environmental consultants were retained to identify a number of items such as wildlife species at risk (there were none), and how to keep the visual impact of the development to a minimum. When you are in Galena Bay you are in the forest and all that entails.

Other Environmentally Friendly Measures

  • 70 acres of the original 141 acres is parkland thru which a trail network meanders.
  • Building Envelopes on each lot are identified. Disturbance outside of these areas is minimal.
  • Building Design Guidelines control sizes, materials, and placement of the structures so that the impact on the environment is minimized. Colors and materials that blend into the natural environment are encouraged.
  • A list of local craftsmen, laborers and suppliers will be provided to lot owners.

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