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Arrow Lakes Hospital

Arrow Lakes Hospital is a well equipped, well maintained 30 bed hospital with a  Residential Unit - Minto House. The hospital is generously supported by the Arrow Lakes Hospital Foundation and the Arrow Lakes Hospital Auxiliary.  The inpatient acuity is relatively low, as is the acuity for most of our emergency visits. About 20% of ER patients from trauma (heli-skiing, logging, MVA's) or medical emergencies (cardiac, neuro, vascular) requiring transport to higher level care.  Helipad on site, supported by Critical Care Transport system.

Hot Springs

About 15 minutes from Galena Bay is the world renowned Halcyon Hot Springs. In the late 1800s miners used to come to these waters crippled, in pain and barely able to walk. After bathing in the lithium waters they were known to walk away, pain free. There are also “wild” hot springs in this general area for the adventurous at St. Leon Hot Springs and Halfway River.  In addition, the Nakusp Hot Springs is approximately 45 minutes from Galena Shores


Enter an oasis of renewal at the Spa at Halcyon. Enjoy an experience that relieves pain, promotes harmony, balance and peace. Relax with a soothing massage from one of Halcyon’s certified practitioners who offer a variety of techniques, specific to your needs.

There are a couple other close spas in Revelstoke:

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