Discover Galena Shores

Galena Shores is for people who have the time to enjoy life and want to escape from the city to untouched wilderness. Nature surrounds Galena Shores with the nearby Kokanee spawning channel, deer, moose, loons, caribou, and many other wildlife species sharing the area. Arrow Lakes has not been exploited the way other lakes have been. It has a thriving wildlife population and is very remote from urban life.

Galena Shores is a place to kick back, relax, and enjoy nature at its very finest.  Come here to unwind and restore your energy and soul.  You can party but it is likely to be a bonfire on the beach, cooking fresh caught Kokanee or Gerrard trout, listening to the sounds of loons, while you watch the summers alpen glow on the towering peaks that surround Galena Bay with close friends and family.

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