Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How far are you from Calgary? Galena Shores is 5.5 hours. The lake is actually only 4.5 hours from Calgary.
  • How far are you from Kelowna? 3.5 hours.
  • How warm is the water in Arrow Lakes? The water in Galena Bay on warm days is between 75-80F. On the north end of the bay it is even warmer. Galena Bay is only 33 m (110’) deep. Upper Arrow Lake in front of Halcyon is 287 m (950’) deep. The water in the deep part of Arrrow Lakes is only about 55-60F.
  • What is the beach like? The beach is rocky with sandy bands. If you cleaned it up over a long period of time it would be mostly sandy. Shuswap waterfront area is very similar to Galena Shores. On the North end of Galena Bay is a wonderful sandy beach. Just South of Galena Shores is another sandy beach area.
  • What is the weather like? Same number of frost free days as Vernon, BC. Weather is slightly cooler and rainier than Okanagan, BC.
  • Is there a Building Commitment? No, lots may be vacant forever.
  • Are there Building Restrictions? Yes. A minimum of 1,200 square feet on the main floor. There are also Design Guidelines.
  • Are trailers allowed? Until october 15, 2018 trailers area allowed.  After this time, no trailers are allowed on your lot at Galena Shores unless you have built your primary dwelling.  Trailer parking is limited and only allowed in areas on your lot where the visual impact does not cause issues with your neighbors.
  • Can I have a dock on my waterfront lot? Yes. The easiest dock to install is a 20 meter roll away dock. No permits are required. Anything larger than this or fixed to the bottom of the lake requires permits.
  • How flat is the waterfront? 1/10 slope. Very flat with excellent building sites that are very amenable to walkout bungalows (for example).
  • What is there to do around Galena Shores? Learn More about activities in the area Things to Do.